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If you’ve clicked on this article from any of our official channels or just happened to stumble upon us on the web, welcome to the official blog of Progressive Industries. And no, we’re not the insurance company so asking for an insurance quote wouldn’t be out of the question but you won’t find that information here. What we are, is a distributor of MRO, Medical and Industrial Equipment & Supplies. We are also an e-commerce company specializing in simplifying distribution of medical supplies, office supplies, datacom, and a wide range of other products specific to your industry needs. We are a small WOSB, EDWOSB, HUBZONE, WBE, DBE business. We have a team of talented people working hard everyday- servicing your needs, facilitating contracts, preparing quotes, managing projects, bidding and winning contracts. Not only are we a certified Women Owned Business (WBE) but we are also a family-owned business. So we have a close-knit group of people driving our company forward and upward. We’re a team you want to know.

Now for the million-dollar question: why would a small WOSB, WBE business that makes deals with majority corporations and municipalities make a blog? The basic answer: We want people to know that we are more than just a faceless corporation that is operated by drones and run by some typical corporate boss like the one from Office Space (you know the one). We are people with hearts, lives, families, and passions. But not only that, we work hard, together, to make the world of product distribution and e-commerce better for our parts and our customers.

In this blog you can expect news about our company, news about the industry of e-commerce and the wide world of small businesses. There will be profiles on us, the dedicated employees. There will be informational updates on the industries we serve,the world of small certified business that we thrive in and updates on causes that are important to us, like wounded warriors, saving the earth, and breast cancer. There will be articles meant to educate and entertain – there will be topics on our emerging trends and key policy issues regarding small businesses and our specific challenges. There will be some personal posts along with the professional ones. Hopefully this doesn’t end up like any other corporate newsletter. Because all in all the mission is for this to be an enjoyable look into who Progressive is and to further share our experiences with you, our Internet audience.

The ideas within are a compilation of all of our team members – collaborated and then put down by P.K. Prempeh, IT Analyst @ PII

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