Take PII out to the Ball Game!

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What would be the best way to get to know your co-workers outside of work? “Going to the Cubs game!” according to new Progressive hire Gerald Jackson. On Friday, August 21st, the Progressive Industries team took a trip to the historic Wrigley Field to watch our Chicago Cubs take on the Atlanta Braves. It was a long and hot summer for the Progressive team and we decided to take a small break away from the usual business cycle and partake in something that ended up making an already close-knit team even closer. “Going to the game was great because it gave us a chance to bond” said Supervisor of Accounting and Compliance, Ned Kamimura.




It has been a great season for our local team and it has the city in high spirits. Because of the on field success this season, Cubs fans are starting to think this could possibly be the year for them. Even those who normally don’t pay attention to baseball in general are starting to take notice. “I’m not a huge fan of baseball, but the Cubs have a lot of positive momentum this season.” Jackson voiced. Going to the Cubs game on Friday was great for the Progressive team because it gave us a chance to relax our minds after being engulfed in an extremely busy week at the office. Even though we see each other almost every day of the week, it’s outings like these that give us a chance to see another side of each other that we don’t usually notice.


Check out photos from the outing below:




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