Summer Hours: A little perk that inspires great motivation

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The typical office workday for most companies starts at 8AM and ends at 5PM.  But at PII, we wanted to make a difference.  We know our team puts out a great amount of work every day –  we wanted to go the extra mile to let them know that the employees are appreciated for dedication to their jobs.  That is why several years ago, our CEO, 6a00d8341c8a8c53ef010536cd5192970cVal O’Donnell put into place a little something called Summer Hours.

In certain office cultures, the expectation of the employees is that they maintain focus and self-motivation for every single one of those hours in the workday. Make no mistake, at PII everyone is expected to be on top of his or her game all day every day, but we also believe in balance, mentally and emotionally – it is human nature to potentially get burnt out. Especially during a time like summer where many people are out enjoying the weather and festivities that our city has to offer. So to help reward the talent that we have in our company our leadership implemented a policy that on rotating Friday’s 1/2 of the team leaves at 3:00. With Progressive Industries being based in Chicago, there are only about three months out of the year that we have good weather.  So it is important to our CEO, that we are all able to go out and fully enjoy that weather while it lasts.

In a workplace, employees need some perks to motivate them to stay. Along that same vein, those perks can help attract new talent to the company. One question that a potential new employee would ask is what are the work hours and is there an overtime expectation. This is because for some, it could be a potential deal breaker. So to add something like summer hours, it gives that potential talent an incentive to want to accept a position at the company.

Progressive Industries appreciates our hard working team and the long term employees that work hard and have a great attitude.  It’s our pleasure to reward our great staff with perks such as Summer Hours.  You’d be surprised what a value add this policy is – it’s a win/win for everyone.


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