Segment from ‘The Daily Show’ Leads To Huge Policy Change For Veterans

| April 1, 2015 | 0 Comments


Many more of our veterans will now have access to a program that they were unfairly prevented from using, and it’s all thanks to Daily Show host John Stewart.

This is all because of a problem with the Choice Program, which was implemented to help veterans get faster access to treatment if they lived more than 40 miles from their nearest Veterans Affairs (VA) facility. But those distances were measured using “as-the-crow-flies” miles. This made seeing a doctor at a VA hospital very difficult for those who lived 40 miles away using road miles. It even made some patients have to wait months for treatment.

After a segment on Stewart’s show exposed the unfairness of this program, the Department of Veterans affairs responded by changing the rule that will now use driven miles to measure the distances away from VA hospitals. This will open eligibility for this program to many more veterans.





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