Progressive Industries Donates to Charity

| December 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

We hope you had a happy holiday!  

Every holiday season, the Progressive Industries team collects items to donate to those in need.  This year, we donated clothes to the Catholic Charities.  For almost 100 years, this organization has been supporting people in Chicagoland without regard to ethnic, religious, or economic background.  They help over one million people each year!

Our team contributed 15 bags of clothes, shoes, and cold weather gear this season.  We’re grateful for what we have and are happy to be able to help others.  Everyone in the office helped load the trunk and backseat of my car; not much more could have fit in the little Civic!  It was evident how helpful these donations will be as we stood in the cold rain just days before Christmas.

Read more about the Catholic Charities here, and check out the photos below of some poignant statues outside the Catholic Charities headquarters!



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