PII Potluck: A Progressive Tradition

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IMG_20140917_123506Here at Progressive Industries, we share a unique culture that is not shared in other companies. As a small business we all have the chance to get to know a lot about each other. We share conversations about our lives, we share a room for lunches, and at a special time of the month, we have a potluck.

Every month of an employee’s birthday, the office comes together to celebrate by holding a potluck in which every employee (except the employees celebrating birthdays that month) has to bring food and we all have lunch together as an office. This month we celebrate the birthdays of Human Resources Manager Kerra O’Donnelland Client Services Supervisor Erin Wethern. As Wednesday morning rolls around everyone is in a good mood as they bring in the food they chose to contribute. They work throughout the morning until about 11AM, when some of the employees head to the kitchen to start preparing their dishes. While for some, this would be the most difficult part of the potluck, this happens to be a fun thing for our Vice President Janessa Seider. “It is fun preparing my food along with helping out those who brought food but didn’t really know how to make it”, she said of these moments.

As everyone finishes up their dishes and we set the table, everyone gathers in our kitchen to partake in the meal we have all made. We say our happy birthdays to Kerra and Erin and begin to eat. Usually, only half of the employees would have lunch together at one time while the other half would eat lunch at a later time. But this time, the employees, management, even the CEO come together and have a meal with each other. Everyone catches up with each other and have conversations about their lives, families, or whatever comes up. There is a relaxed atmosphere for everyone, some would say the most relaxed everyone will be in the office for a while. And because of that everyone feels comfortable with each other.

Though many people say that they like the food equally (or have not remembered exactly what meal they liked the best), there are many fans of the desserts that were made by our Client Services Rep Marlena Perry. This, in particular, is something that she is the most happy about when potluck time comes around. “I usually make food for myself so I know what I like and that’s fine.” She said. “But to not only learn to make food for other people and know that they like it makes me happy.” This month she brought Oreo truffles, which seemed to be a big favorite of fellow Client Services Rep Allan Laskey, since he ended up eating most of what she brought. Also a fan of the dessert is our Accounting and Compliance Supervisor Ned Kamimura. But then again he is a fan of all the food given how full he makes his plates.

Because the potlucks have been around for about three years, they have been a staple for most of the employees here. But this month only marks the second for our newest employee, Dean Mclure. For him in this short time he has been employed here, his favorite thing about this event is that everyone brings something unique to them every time. For example, Erin would bring a vegetarian option or the desserts by Marlena. Dean himself contributed this month by bringing in falafel for everyone.

When the lunch hour dies down everyone stores the leftover food (which will end up being lunch for the rest of the week) and cleans the dishes. We then return to our desks to finish off the rest of the day. Though it may have seemed like a only an hour out of our work days, it is a special hour where no one has to worry about being professional, or being prepared for a meeting. It is a time when we can come together as more than just employees for a company but as a work family.



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