Inspiring Innovative Inclusion with Integrity

Innovative Inclusion is a culture that starts at the top – and that’s the bottom line! 



At Progressive, we love that we have our finger on the pulse of diversity inclusion. We’re inspired by the organizations that inquire, interact and interface from within and reach out to small businesses to partner with.

We know that each inclusion program has advantages and disadvantages. We’re here to make your life easier. The method for participation that works best for you will depend on a number of factors, considerations and implications. How you integrate the program into your corporate culture can be tricky and will take some time. It’s a fragile implication to ask people to change, think and work differently – to see outside the box and choose new ways of looking at revenue stream, supply chain and business successes through inclusion. In the end, those who strike out, forge an inspirational business platform that is contagious. Be part of the revolution to make a palpable difference.


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Diversity programs provide a better customer experience, while contributing toward economic growth in diverse communities throughout the United States.

Our executives can help you retain business, expand spend, build new business deals and realize supply chain solutions. We’re the real deal – teaming with you forging solutions. Get inspired by diversity. Realize that not all diversity programs are created equally. There are different solutions for different industries and corporate structures. When a program is supported by the CEO and implemented by the teams, it makes a difference and takes on a life of its own – bringing in new ideas, products, concepts and solutions. It’s the way to grow.


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