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ShopsmallI can emphatically say, NO majority corporation has ever approached me and said – “I want to do business with PII, because Small Business inclusion is the right thing to do”  – unless there was a diversity inclusion program affiliated with the project.  Information is powerful, inclusion programs are paramount and enforcement is the key.  We need help to make diversity inclusion growthful and successful.


Why should big business do business with the “little guys” – the best answer is our SHAREHOLDERS are our CUSTOMERS!  Clients are our number one priority.  Client satisfaction is measurable.  We learn the pain points, establish strategic supply chain remedies and implement a total program of viable business solutions.  That’s what our customers have come to expect from PII.


Equally valuable is the fact that SMALL BUSINESSES become STAKEHOLDERS in our clients’ businesses.  We take our role seriously and strive to learn as much about your business as possible – ensuring a mutually successful and sustainable relationship.  We protect our reputation and our brand – by delivering excellence.  We know that sticky situations arise and goodwill is our main focus.  Let’s get it right – first time, every time.   Client satisfaction is paramount.


For 30 years, we’ve employed people that we care about and who care about us.  Small businesses care enough to give potential job candidates an opportunity for mutual growth.  This reciprocity is the nucleus of our corporate culture.   We answer our phones – no auto operators – we’re real people with a smile on our face and caring hearts – listening carefully to clients’ needs.


The process of getting certified and staying certified can be daunting – submissions of mountains of proprietary documents including birth certificates, leases, tax returns, W2’s P&L’s and more are required by every agency.  We are interviewed, inspected, investigated, evaluated and validated.  All of this necessary processing is what allows us to become certified.  Only then, can we begin to market our company to large organizations.


We ask that big businesses take a look at partnering with a small business – intentionally and with seriousness of purpose and give us a chance to sell you products & services that you currently purchase from majority corporations.  We need opportunities to participate and become viable players in the “game” of big business.   Our customers are our most important assets.  Our resources might not be as vast as majority corporations, but our brand is equally important and valuable to the economy and to the community. We value opportunities, SBLO advocates, partnering relationships, mentorship, initiatives, small business goals and in tandem – we ensure accuracy and excellence every step of the way.  Without big business support of diversity inclusion, small businesses don’t exist.  Using a small business vendor may be the best idea you’ve ever had.

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