New IL Enclosed Space CO2 Monitoring Law – 1/1/15

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When people speak about dangerous gases in areas of business or homes,  one that would most likely be overlooked is carbon dioxide. While gases like carbon monoxide are dangerous especially when there’s an undetected amount of it in a room, carbon dioxide can also be dangerous. When there is enough carbon dioxide along with inadequate ventilation in an area, this could result in health troubles such as impaired cognitive brain function and decision making performance (Source: Lawrence Berkley Laboratory). If there is an even higher level of carbon dioxide, then that could cause suffocation. In Illinois there is now a law that will be implemented on January 1st, 2015 by the state’s Fire Marshall which will make it a requirement to have gas detection systems in places where there are concentrated amounts of CO2. This is true for places like dry ice storage areas, auditoriums that would have pop machines or fog machines, places like breweries or wineries, or anywhere else that would contain a stored and concentrated amount of carbon dioxide.


This is a part of the mandate (read the entire document here):


Rooms or areas where carbon dioxide storage vessel(s) are located indoors or in enclosed or below grade outdoor locations shall be provided with a gas detection and alarm system for general area monitoring that is capable of detecting and notifying building occupants of a CO2 gas release. Alarms will be designed to activate a low level pre-alarm at 1.5% concentration of CO2 and a full high alarm at 3% concentration of CO2 (which is the OSHA & ACGIH 15 minute and NIOSH 10 minute Short Term Exposure Limit for CO2.) These systems are not designed for employee personal exposure monitoring.


Progressive has now partnered with CO2Meter Inc. A manufacturer who’s products include monitors to detect carbon dioxide levels in an area along with alarms to let one know if there is a dangerous amount detected. Here are some of the items that can be used to keep businesses informed on the Co2 levels in their workplace and will keep them covered once the 1/1/15 law takes place. These products  are available on our eCommerce website: 

CO2Meter Remote CO2 Storage Safety Dual Alarm


The CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is designed to protect customers and workers near stored carbon dioxide (CO2). Meets all 2014-2015 OSHA and State Code requirements for CO2 alarms in restaurants, bars, and more.

The Monitor has both audible and visual alarms. 2 built-in relays can trigger the alarms at different user-defined CO2 levels, as well as control a ventilation fan or an HVAC control switch to notify maintenance staff of high CO2 levels. This meets the OSHA PEL (Personal Exposure Limit) Standard of 5,000ppm TWA (time weighted average) in a typical 8-hour workday.

Learn more about this item here.

CO2Meter Desktop CO2, Temp. & Humidity Monitor


The TIM10 continuously shows carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity levels so you can monitor the quality of air in your home, office or indoor greenhouse. Just plug it in – the TIM10 turns on instantly, is self-calibrating, and is designed to last for years.

Learn more about this item here.

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