NBMBAA 45th Anniversary Celebration

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NBMBAA_2 Dinner

This past June, I was honored to be invited to attend the NBMBAA 45th Anniversary Gala.  Quentin Roach and Tara Spann – both executives at Merck who lead and prosper the supplier diversity inclusion initiatives within the Merck organization – asked me to attend.  Both Quentin and Tara were gracious hosts and made me feel welcome and included, but I was not prepared for the magnitude of what unfolded through out this memorable evening.

I was introduced to the importance of this organization through the event celebrating it’s 45th year – I had no clue about what their mission was or how they are changing the world.  I was able to observe a snippet of what this phenomenal organization does to empower and promote successes of aspiring young African Americans – who are eager and blossoming – becoming rising executives and/or philanthropists.  They are at the top of their game and anxious to put their stamp one it and make a difference in the world today.  This is an organization serving young black professionals from all walks of life – inspiring, encouraging, challenging and growing amazing participants, propelling them toward personal and career greatness and success.   It’s truly a simple recipe that reflects what can happen when our youth are reminded to aim high and to strive to achieve their personal best in all that they do.
That evening,  I was inspired by the culture of quality young individuals – their diverse talents, their commitment to education and career growth and their heart for making the world a better place.  It captured my heart – just to observe the rawness within them and the vast range of experiences and skill sets they are acquiring through their journey.  This organization partners with majority corporations across the country – bringing forward and lifting up the best of the best…..launching extraordinary potential and extracting the excellence that exist within them.  These amazing kids who are unique, beautiful, talented and from all walks of life.  They are engaged and enthusiastic toward excellence.  And, more important, they are about giving back to their communities, remembering those who helped them along the way and making our world a more sustainable place to live for the generations that follow.
WOW – I was humbled and encouraged to be surrounded by the essence of great people making it happen for deserving kids.  I was lifted up by the magnitude of their conquests in overcoming challenges and how they are evolving and becoming future success stories.  It was an honor to attend, to contribute and to learn from it all.  Please take a look at their website – and I challenge you to consider a donation…….be part of a real difference – building a better future for young America and for the world!
Val O’Donnell, CEO

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