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If there is one thing in life that you can be certain about it is this: accidents happen. When completing any project, or participating in any activity, or even walking around outside,  an accident may happen. Though there is no way to truly prevent a trip or a fall, the best way to be prepared for such an event is having a proper first-aid kit handy. Whether you’re on the job or on the go, let Progressive Industries keep you ahead of the curve with our first aid products!


Radnor® – First Aid Cabinet – Three-Shelf 25 Person Durable Metal Industrial


This industrial kit is ideal for smaller offices, industrial workspaces, and anything similar. The metal casing makes this kit durable enough to mount on your wall and lightweight enough to carry around. It comes with three shelves full of all your first aid needs including Biohazard bags, 5 yard elastic tape, and ice pack, aspirin, and an Ammonia Inhalant. Perfect for your industrial safety needs!

First Aid Only – Right Response Auto First Aid Kit


The Right Response auto kit is great for anyone at home or on the go. This item can fit in to a car’s glove box, a desk drawer, or your bathroom medicine cabinet. It comes complete with first aid tape,  a hand sanitizer packet, two Ibuprofen tablets, and a trauma pad. This is a great product for any bumps or bruises you may get during that long drive.

Honeywell – Swift First Aid Tick Removal Kit 


Imagine being at a family barbecue and all of a sudden, you find a tick biting into your skin. The first thing you will want to do is get it out, ASAP. Luckily, with the Honeywell Tick Removal kit, that will be a breeze! This kit comes with one pair of forceps with a magnifier, plastic adhesive bandages, and antiseptic wipes. A great kit to keep handy and for a little over $7, your wallet won’t have the same experience that tick could give you.


You can find products like these and more at the Progressive Industries eCommerce website! Click here to find out more!

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