iGenius Transforms Wall Street and the World of Small Business

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Today’s basic communication genre is about keeping up with the latest & greatest Apple devices. Steve Jobs is truly a historic legend, a genius akin to Franklin, Edison & Copernicus. He will forever be remembered as having transported us into the 21st century with devices that have dominated across generations and social classes. Jobs was the iGenius who helped me build my small business into what it is today.


The communication phenomenon continues to astound the world with each new gadget – and now, the iWatch will impact the world of healthcare and wellness! Apple devices and Macs are extraordinarily user friendly, efficient, graphic & video friendly, sexy fast and simplistic in it’s underlying complexity.  Even two year olds can operate an iPhone.  We have been running our corporation on Apple computers since 1986 & never looked back – evolving through dozens of operating systems, upgrades, RAM & iCloud expansions.  I am now a 3rd generation iPhone/iPad user and streaming toward more.  My corporation has been a small cog in the vastness of this empire – the life changing, world changing, universal way we communicate, create and craft our companies and our personal lives is directly relational to the significant contributions of his communication universe. He was not just an iCon he was iExceptional – it’s not just an iCulture – it’s clearly an iCult!


This obsessive genius brought us from typewriters & answering machines to IMacs, iPads, iPhones, iCloud and more.  Remember when the first Apple computers were 9” black & white screens sitting on top of the guts of the computer – seemed impossibly small and speedy at that time. We’ve come a long way. Today, iCloud has taken over the world. I can only imagine what the future holds for us with Apple watches, Apple glasses, Apple TV’s and more. We’re all anxiously looking forward to it all – with baited breath.


Personally and professionally I’ve experienced the impact of one man’s vision and have been transformed by his incomprehensible simplicity. We’ve experienced history in the making in our lifetime and are all impacted by obsession with simplicity and speed, his achievements, his tenacity and his propensity to fearlessly look at communication differently and out of the box. He was legendary and there is a hole in the universe of inventive thinking – since the loss of his presence.


I am growing our small business in his greatness – and we are all living and evolving through his innovations. Jobs will sentimentally and academically forever be remembered for his iSignificance. I wonder what Tim is “Cooking” up in the drawing room.

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