Happy Thanksgiving From Progressive Industries!

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Thanksgiving is an awesome opportunity to remember & respect our beloved traditions with family and friends and also to create new traditions that touch the lives of others. Parades, marathons, football games, Thanksgiving dinners – all are the traditions we cherish…..let’s not take it for granted. Thinking about our abundant blessings and how they impact others that we love – is an important part of this holiday time. So – as we to through these annual mores, let’s remember to give thanks & remember to touch another life with a gift of grace, mercy or loving care. Give, volunteer, lend a hand, bring a dish to share, or simply give a smile or hug to someone…….enjoy the joy!


Here are a few factoids for fun

  • A ripe cranberry bounces
  • The President “pardons” a turkey each year on Thanksgiving and gives him life on a farm
  • All turkeys have wishbones – but only the male Tom Turkey can “gobble”
  • Canadians celebrate their own Thanksgiving in October
  • Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national Holiday in 1863
  • Macy’s had the first Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924
  • Swanson TV dinners were born of the Thanksgiving turkey dinner tradition
  • “Talking turkey” was established by birds exported from Turkey throughout Europe……..Spaniards coined the name



God Bless America, our freedom and our traditional Thanksgiving Holiday – Cheers!

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