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Introducing GNCDC’s New Chairman of the Board

We are proud to announce GNCDC’s new Chairman of the Board, Ski Wysocki. Ski is a United States Maine Corps Veteran, formidable business leader, and he brings a wealth of community contacts and professional knowledge to the table. He has served as Vice Chairman for over 2 years. We look forward to Ski’s further contributions and will watch as he brings GNCDC to the next level. Keep a watchful eye as exciting new growth unfolds.



Legacy of a Leader

We would like to acknowledge our Chairman, Val O’Donnell, who is stepping aside from position as Chairman and into her new role as Chairman Emeritus. It’s difficult to measure her valuable contributions and distinguished services, which have helped take GNCDC to the next level. Proudly, we announce that Valerie O’Donnell will serve as honorary Chair Emeritus.

Val has been an active member of GNCDC for many years, has served on the Board for over 7 years working hard for our community. Her legacy is her vision and team value proposition. Val realized that the responsibility of this volunteer position required an action plan. So she created a call to action for improving our organization, while holding true to GNCDC’s traditional values. Their goal became laser focused on improving our offerings to our business community. Her leadership accomplishments include – working with the Team to move our headquarters to a street friendly location to better serve the Industrial Corridors, refresh and rebrand GNCDC with a 21st Century look and web presence, restructure the Mission, Vision and Value propositions that we stand by and finally, expanding and exploring additional options for GNCDC’s contributions in the community, adapting as business is impacted by the ever evolving internet explosion. Val touts that nothing would have been accomplished without the exceptional Board and super GNCDC Staff.

We thank Val for her distinguished service. Valerie is not retiring – she looks forward to the Board generating fresh ideas in this next chapter of the ongoing business journey. She is honored to be of assistance – continuing to serve on the Board as Chair Emeritus in an advisory capacity.

GNCDC Mission

GNCDC is a community supporting the LIRI organization by bringing information on City, Federal TIF & local assist programs, incentive information, education, training resources and funding assistance for our local businesses. Our critical mission is to help foster economic growth and development – thus creating career opportunities and cultivating economic and cultural uplifting of our local communities.

GNCDC Vision

Expand resources and networking – promoting intentional growth & profitability of local small businesses, which enhance and benefit our communities.

GNCDC Value Proposition

Small businesses & industry create the middle class in America. We employ and empower contributing members of society to enable them to make a difference in the world – today and tomorrow – promoting safety, security, freedom and justice for all.

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