Don’t Discount the Underdog – Small Business Deserves a Fighting Chance

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As a proud and passionate small business owner, I know that it takes gumption and guts to get in there with big business behemoths.  But it also takes intelligence and tenacity.   As underdogs, we must realize our strengths and utilize this toward formidable solutions for potential suppliers and client inclusion solutions.  Truth be told, we all compliment one another’s core capabilities – and together – a stronger success story can be told.

Big/Small Business One of the hurdles we encounter again and again is when majority corporations have an inbred apprehension or preconceived negative ideologies regarding small business partnering.  Whether this is simply misperception or through a past negative experience – it is our job is to quell negative notions through excellence in performance.  Smart corporate leaders realize the value add for this inclusion.


If ya can’t beat em join em!  Big business can realize many benefits through teaming agreements with small businesses.  The Federal Government strongly encourages teaming agreements for their large contractors in either 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier participation.  Even the largest contractors utilize qualified small business partners as part of their strategic solution on Federal bids – utilizing teaming agreements.  These agreements are between 2 entities, and are enforceable per their specifications drawn up between the parties prior to a bid.  Per the FARS/DFARS regulations – there must be full disclosure of a teaming agreement prior to the bid, in order for the offer to utilize this contract vehicle for potential award.  Each situation is unique and all parties should have legal consultants review to ensure their best interest.


Bidding, competing and/or partnering with big business requires thinking outside the box.  What we lack in resources, we make up for in pertinacious persistence.  Underdogs work smarter, not harder.  We don’t have to wait for our next board meeting to ramp up, shift gears, or site underperformance as a trend that propels us to regroup and punt with the next solution, with fewer hierarchal roadblocks.


We may not be huge – we’ve got strengths and weaknesses, just like the big guys, but here’s where small businesses excel:

 Persistence • Agility • Intelligence Gathering • Actionability • Chameleon-like Strength

Convenient Solutions • Certifications

When we form strategic alliances with big business – either as a subcontractor or prime – we are in relationships that increase revenue stream and success for all entities.  We adhere to strict codes of confidence and administer a loyalty to our partners that is second to none.  We work as a team – keeping communication at the forefront on all projects to ensure ultimate client satisfaction.  We ride in tandem with the manufacturer partner and deliver distinctive services to the end user in conjunction with the imperative inclusion trifecta solution – it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN.


We are nimble and able to make smart, timely decisions and action plans utilizing precision intelligence and state-of-the-art data infrastructure implementing seamless XML transmittals and light speed solutions.  We’re not hindered by conventional corporate protocols that often stifle implementation of expeditious cost savings solutions.  We inspire innovative inclusion and tailored solutions specific to each end user project.  We often substitute effort for ability – with excellence as the end result.


There is a quiet confidence to small business – we’re getting noticed and we need new majority corporate partners to continue this legacy of success into the future – incorporating this important moral business imperative.

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