Celebrating Our Independence

independencedayThe Fourth of July is a magnificent holiday spectacle that celebrates our most propitious cultural and societal as well as political independence. How coincidental that Brexit comes in the same week’s time as the United States celebrates its 1776 resolution proposed by our Founding Fathers – declaring the U.S. independent from Great Britain. Our emancipation was controversial in its day – as is the Brexit outcome. No one knows this transition will all mean, globally – we hope for the best end result for all the world.  The world waits with baited breath, and we all hope for the best results possible.

I don’t know if historians got the story of our independence in 1776 right – was it the 2nd of July, was it August 2nd or was it the 4th of July, but regardless, we celebrate this important independence with pomp, circumstance, parades and lights. The truth is still argued and debated by great minds.  At that time – gunshots (instead of fireworks) were fired in celebration of our freedom.  Remember, our freedom was a hard fought war – where utilizing guns, were integral in our efforts to conquer the opposition, in order to take us to victory.

Things have evolved over these centuries.  It’s another time – now, many don’t truly value or appreciate the outcome of those efforts to win our treasured freedom.  Today, we wish the gunfire would stop… in our war-torn neighborhoods, where gang violence takes over and hurts our innocent children – and these injuries escalate on holidays like the 4th – instead of celebrating, we’re injuring our own.

My wish, this 4th of July, is that we remember we were were and celebrate how far we’ve come. We used guns to gain our independence and our freedom. Somewhere between then and now – guns no longer take on the same chivalrous meaning in our society. Whatever your political preference, whatever side you lean toward – we all deserve our homeland to be safe and free. We recall our nation’s history and our heritage – and remember that the people ARE our Nation. We won our freedom.  Now, we should memorialize and respect this truth and preserve the sanctity of it.

We at Progressive Industries, Inc. thank our warriors who continue to protect the essence of these hard fought victories past and present. Tides change, regimes dissolve & move forward, but we still treasure our independence. We honor and remember that truth this festive weekend. Wishing all of our friends and families a peaceful and safe Nation, this weekend and always. God Bless America.

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