A Note From The Chairman Of The Board OF GNCDC

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Many thanks to the Executive Board of GNCDC for electing me to serve as Chairman of the Board. It’s an honor and I will give my utmost to protect, preserve and prosper the group, during my tenure.


GNCDC is invested in innovating industry. Nonprofits are an integral part of the strategic business structure and strategy within communities. Groups like GNCDC inspire and encourage growth. The result is flourishing communities with prosperous business revenue stream, increased career opportunities for residents and additional spending stream within the community. We promote internal as well as external cultural, environmental and business change and growth as an evolutionary processes.


I would like to take a moment to encourage our members to help take GNCDC to the next level. GNCDC exists only through our strategic membership partners’ support and interactive participation. We work together to network, challenge and grow one another’s core strengths and capabilities and pass it onward. We need your help and kind assistance in the process of growing GNCDC organically – from within our strategic membership partner community. If you have a business friend or neighbor, pass our name on to them. Refer a friend – our growth is your gain. Each time we assist a small local business – we grow our community. Our loyal members ARE our organization. Without you, we don’t exist. Over the next weeks, we will be reaching out to our member partners for your ideas and assistance. Think about volunteering your time and talents to the group. Your imagination, inspiration and resources will ultimately benefit GNCDC’s value proposition. We’ve already had members come forward to help. This is fantastic! I’m sure that’s why we’re called GREATER Northwest Chicago Development Corp.


GNCDC Mission

At GNCDC, we are community of caring professionals engaged in prospering our business community. We bring Federal and local assist programs, incentive information, education, training resources and funding programs to our local small businesses. Our critical mission is to help small businesses grow – which in turn creates propitious career opportunities and cultivates economic and cultural uplifting of our community.


GNCDC Vision

We strive to expand resources and networking within our member partner community – promoting intentional growth & profitability of our local business community, thus enhancing and benefiting the good of all. Change is the necessary element of growth.


GNCDC Values

Small businesses are the nucleus of the middle class in America. We employ and empower contributing members of society and help enable them to make a difference in the world – today and tomorrow. We promote success, safety, security, freedom and justice for all.


Thank you for participating in the growth and success of GNCDC – we want to help propel each of our valuable member partners to the next level. It is my honor to serve along side you.

Your Chair, Val O’Donnell



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